Skyview on the Ridge

Rochester, New York

In 2007, Dalpos created a 4M SF mixed-use expansion and redevelopment for the 1.1M SF two-story property then called Medley Center. Construction began at the end of 2008 and rapidly halted as it fell victim to the economic downturn of 2009. Nearly ten years, later Dalpos was engaged by a new owner to reposition the development. Dalpos rebranded the development as Skyview On the Ridge and it is now underway with a completely different intention. Responding to current market analysis and demands, the center will no longer be retail focused. Our strategy for the project embraces a mix of office, educational, residential, medical and community uses, all of which will celebrate the inward focus incorporating the continuous common area skylight as an internal respite from the business environment. To support the external rebranding transformation, Dalpos designed an exterior backlit perforated aluminum panel screen wall, independent from the existing façade. This provides a cost effective and sustainable exterior visual transformation without compromising the existing building envelope.
Total size: 1100,000 SF
under construction



"The renovation phases were particularly difficult with hazmat abatement considerations and working around patients. Dalpos remained committed throughout the project and provided outstanding integration, communication, and results."

Donald McLaughlin, P.E., Former SVP of Facilities and Support Services Ellis Medicine