Dalpos Design Technology Approach

Architecture has always been the art of blending/unifying structure, materials and space with form and function.

In the past technological advances were predominantly focused on building materials and construction techniques.

That has all changed over the past twenty years with the onset of BIM, 3D, 4D, 5D, VR, AR, and the list goes on. We are in a very exciting time where technology tools available are emerging faster and faster and in some cases, many times faster than that the market can embrace.

Architects typically fall into one of three categories when it comes to technology:

  • Early Adopters

    Those who thirst for new and improved tools and aggressively embrace new methodologies and process.

  • Mainstream Adopters

    Those that are a bit more conservative, who wait for the majority of the profession to adopt the new technologies before they commit.

  • Late Adopters

    Those who only change once the market forces them.

Dalpos made the decision to be 
an Early Adopter as far back as 1985

Dalpos made the decision to be an Early Adopter as far back as 1985 when they implemented the first Computer Aided Design Drafting (CADD) system, long before PC computers and at a time when the profession’s “tool of choice” was manual drafting. Being Early Adopters once again in 2003, Dalpos committed to embracing Building Information Modeling (BIM) firm-wide on all new projects and has not looked back since.

Our choice positions us at the forefront of emerging design tools and enhancements, giving us the ability and clarity to provide our clients with exceptional design delivered with a fully immersive experience. Exceptional design is not only visual, in fact many times it may almost be invisible to your eye yet your remaining senses are awakened to it, creating a feeling or an emotional sensation. This is very difficult to experience from a drawing or rendering. Tools such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality provide a completely immersive environment so realistic and true-to-life they have the ability to invoke the same visceral and emotional sensations.

We are committed to deliver to our clients the sensation and immersive experience starting early in the design process to allow them to completely visualize and understand the space that we are creating for them. By doing this is it allows us to gain their personal insights and perspectives to inform, refine and tailor the design to meet their expectations.

We are committed to deliver to our clients the sensation and immersive experience…

Enhanced Visualization

Schematic Image

Photo-Realistic Renderings


360 Renderings


Intelligent Models and Documentation

BIM: 3D, 4D, 5D

Leveraging the data

Digital Jobsite

Reducing risk

Project visibility and transparency

Maximizing efficiency

Budget Control


Just in time delivery

"The renovation phases were particularly difficult with hazmat abatement considerations and working around patients. Dalpos remained committed throughout the project and provided outstanding integration, communication, and results."

Donald McLaughlin, P.E., Former SVP of Facilities and Support Services Ellis Medicine