The Lake House

Sylvan Beach, New York

The essence of this project was to transform a dated banquet hall into a vibrant beachfront hospitality and entertainment experience at the gateway to the Village of Sylvan Beach. The lakefront prominence of the site begged for a focal point to unite boaters, beachgoers and the village community. The constrained site was most recently home to DiCastro’s Private Beach Club banquet hall located on the eastern shore of Oneida Lake next to a decades old amusement park. Back in its heyday, DiCastro’s was the place to go to for entertainment and parties. The business had several owners until 2019 when Oneida Nation Enterprises purchased it for their latest satellite casino and restaurant/bar venue.
In the 1870’s Sylvan Beach was a tourist destination, complete with hotels and an amusement park. For many in Central New York, Sylvan Beach brings back nostalgic childhood memories and is a treasured location that has endured through the years. Recognizing these values, the owner & client wanted the team to create a venue that respectfully responded to the area’s history while affirming the prominent location of the site at the gateway to the Village. The result is a design that interfaces with both the beachfront and the streetside, utilizing a lighthouse element as the beacon for the site.

Site Analysis

"The renovation phases were particularly difficult with hazmat abatement considerations and working around patients. Dalpos remained committed throughout the project and provided outstanding integration, communication, and results."

Donald McLaughlin, P.E., Former SVP of Facilities and Support Services Ellis Medicine