Blue Rock Energy Offices

Syracuse, New York

BlueRock Energy is a local energy services company which provides energy supply alternatives beyond those offered by public utilities or other independent providers, for both residential and commercial clients. The company has been experiencing tremendous growth and had outgrown its former offices. The client wanted to create a new corporate office that would enhance their corporate image and provide a flexible work environment which could meet their future needs. Their design goals included open, light filled areas for workstations, gathering areas for small groups, spacious private offices with glass walls and a large employee lounge.
The new corporate offices now occupy an entire story of the 1970’s former Onondaga Tower (renamed the Barclay Damon Tower) office building which has a typical central core of stairs, elevators and restrooms. All four exterior walls have continuous windows which wrap around the building. The final layout that was implemented, addressed the client’s design goals by placing private offices inboard from the perimeter around the core to allow the open workstations and group areas to have full exposure to the exterior light and views. The private offices incorporate full height glass partitions and doors, permitting daylight to penetrate through to these interior spaces. Executive offices, a large meeting room and the employee lounge were placed at the four corners of the space giving these priority rooms prominent views of the city.
The ductwork & structure above are left exposed and painted to give the space an open and industrial feel. BlueRock’s vivid corporate colors of blue and orange were used throughout for the architectural finishes as well as the furniture and workstations for accent as well as identity.
The results are a corporate office environment that is bold and functional. BlueRock strives to provide efficient, green & solar energy options to their customers and the clean and modern design of its corporate offices reflects this mission.

"The renovation phases were particularly difficult with hazmat abatement considerations and working around patients. Dalpos remained committed throughout the project and provided outstanding integration, communication, and results."

Donald McLaughlin, P.E., Former SVP of Facilities and Support Services Ellis Medicine