Fast Build

Fast Build

"As a leader in BIM technology, we are fortunate to work with the most progressive and innovative architectural firms, like Dalpos. Dalpos recognized the significant benefits of BIM and integrated project delivery well before they were accepted terms, much less being practiced. They were implementing digital design projects and pushing the envelope with respect to collaboration before these were even being discussed in public forums."
- Jonathan Widney, President, Solibri, LLC

dalpos fast buildFast Build Attributes:

  • Bi-Directional Association - Bi-directional data transferee from BIM model to automated fabrication equipment (CNC)
  • Staged Fabrication
  • Just-in-time design delivery
  • Schedule Compression
  • Higher Quality
  • Supply Chain visibility
  • Design for pre-assembly
  • Workforce

What is Fast Build?

dalpos fast build2

By creating and coordinating Fabrication level models and assembling the majority of the components off site, we were able to take 4 weeks off of the schedule for this fit up.

Dalpos Fast build is not fast track construction, Fast track construction allows portions of the project to release for bidding, fabrication and construction before the project is completely designed. Dalpos Fast Build draws from all Dalpos Innovation areas to achieve maximum schedule compression, through the use of an integrated team approach and the latest tools and technology.

In order to achieve maximum schedule compression, it is critical to have an integrated team from the outset as every decision made has impacts to time. By having all the stakeholders at the table from the beginning, it allows the team to look at all aspects of the project in order to make informed decisions when they are required. This seems fairly obvious, however, is extremely with the current state of the AEC/O Industry. To facilitate these types of rewarding but demanding projects we developed our process which we refer to as Dalpos Integration.

To our Valued Clients, Consultants
and Business Partners

The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented circumstances for all of us and our families. As we all navigate the next weeks and months to come we want to assure all of you that Dalpos is fully functioning and operating with 100% of our team working remotely.

In 2019 Dalpos migrated all of our servers to cloud based computing affording us the capability to work from any location. Should you need to reach any of our team please feel free to contact them directly on their mobile phones or contact any one of us at the following emails and we will promptly respond.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Team Dalpos