Dalpos Paperless

Dalpos Paperless

"This process is truly an amazing approach to design that eliminates personal interpretation since everyone involved in the project can view the results and no one can have a misconception. This experience for Cody & Wolff has been rewarding beyond expectation and we are delighted to be a part of innovative design history."
- Jim Cody & Rick Wolff

dalpos paperless

Customized Client Portals

Paperless Attributes:

  • Unique Process
  • Proven tools and methods
  • File management
  • Client portal
  • Reduces Risk
  • Provides Increased Owner control and visibility

What do we mean by Paperless?

dalpos paperless2Simple: eliminate all paper from the project. Repeat, all paper. As any architect knows, paper is the lifeblood of the practice, it allows us to communicate simply and elegantly. Why go Paperless?

Going Paperless streamlines thoughts, actions and brings a new level of efficiency to our projects. How did we do it?

We did what many organizations do, we looked at our process and performed a business value assessment, examining the tools we use, and the deliverables at each phase of the project. We then reviewed what was required for all the stake holders of the project, and how each item is typically communicated. Our final task was to understand the different types of decisions that are needed both from the client and from the design team, mapping this out allowed us to conceive how we could achieve a truly paper free process.