Dalpos BIM

Dalpos BIM

"As a leader in BIM technology, we are fortunate to work with the most progressive and innovative architectural firms, like Dalpos. Dalpos recognized the significant benefits of BIM and integrated project delivery well before they were accepted terms, much less being practiced. They were implementing digital design projects and pushing the envelope with respect to collaboration before these were even being discussed in public forums."
- Jonathan Widney, President, Solibri, LLC

dalpos bimBIM Attributes

  • Object Oriented
  • Parametric
  • Bi-Directional Association
  • Improved Quality
  • Lower Risk
  • Less Rework
  • Cost Visibility and Control
  • Schedule Compression
  • Enhanced Sustainability

What is BIM?

dalpos bim2Before we can explore Dalpos BIM, we first must outline the basics. We are able to trace the origins of BIM to the work of Professor Charles M. Eastman, of Georgia Institute of Technology. He coined the term Building Project Model, which means “data model” or “information model” in engineering.

Information is key to unlocking the potential of BIM, but before an organization can deliver value to its clients and partners through Building Information Modeling, it first needs to fully understand the commitment that is required and the process change needed to produce successful projects.

Modeling does not equal BIM, however much of the industry equates a 3D model of an object or building as BIM.  This misconception has created a grey area surrounding what is the future of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC).

Dalpos BIM - Aims to leverage the “I” in BIM, to provide increased value and insight to its partners and clients; without information there cannot be BIM. Over the past 10 years, Dalpos has developed many projects utilizing data rich objects to create high value BIM.  At Dalpos, it’s our vision to fundamentally change the AEC industry through the use of emerging technology.  BIM is the cornerstone of our innovative tools and methods.